The HTML5 Developer's Collection (Collection)

The HTML5 Developer's Collection (Collection)

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The HTML5 Developera€™s Collection includes two recently published HTML5 application development eBooks: Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours HTML5 Developer's Cookbook With Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours, learn how to turn Web pages into stunning mobile applications in just 24 hours or less! HTML5 adds a number of new features and APIs to the language that allow Web designers to be more descriptive and effective in creating their Web pages. Using the new APIs you can build offline Web applications, work with location data, store data on a local computer in a manner similar to cookies, and more! Author Jennifer Kyrnin walks you through how to get started with the HTML5 specification to build great mobile applications. HTML5 Developera€™s Cookbook brings together all the expert advice and proven code you need to start building production-quality HTML5 applications right now. Pioneering HTML5 experts Chuck Hudson and Tom Leadbetter present tested, modular recipes at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Youa€™ll learn exactly how to deliver state-of-the-art user experiences by integrating HTML5a€™s new and enhanced elements with CSS3 styles, JavaScript APIs, and events. Completely up-to-date to reflect current standards, this book prioritizes HTML5 features with substantial browser support and identifies the level of browser support for each covered feature. This collection covers Working with the new HTML5 tags most valuable for mobile development Getting started fast with HTML5 features already supported by todaya€™s browsers Detecting mobile devices and HTML5 support and upgrade sites to support them Styling and building more efficient, usable mobile pages Using jQuery Mobile to quickly create mobile apps Leveraging HTML5a€™s breakthrough drawing and typography features Efficiently integrating media content into your apps Adding meaning with HTML5 sectioning and semantic elements Implementing drag-and-drop more easily than ever Building offline applications and other apps that use local storage Detecting and working with location data via the GeoLocation API Using microformats and microdata to make Web pages friendlier to computers Adding powerful back-end functionality with WebSockets, Web Workers, and File APIs Improving user navigation with the History API Understanding and using HTML5a€™s new structural elements Using grouping, text-level, and redefined semantics Managing browser-handling in HTML5 Leveraging new CSS3 layout and style techniques Maximizing interactivity with HTML5 Web Forms Embedding audio and video with HTML5 Drawing with the canvas Controlling browser histories Integrating location awareness into mobile applications with the Geolocation API Implementing client side storage and working with local files Managing communication and threading Optimizing the HTML5 browser experience Integrating device dataHour 1 1 Mobile Web Best Practices. Hour 2 1 a€œMobile Users ... May 2, 2011. Hour 7 3 a€œApplea#39;s iPad 2 Chalks Up Strong Sales in Weekend. 1 a€œApril 2011.a€ W3Counter. April 30, 2011. www.w3counter. com/anbsp;...

Title:The HTML5 Developer's Collection (Collection)
Author:Jennifer Kyrnin, Chuck Hudson, Tom Leadbetter
Publisher:Addison-Wesley - 2011-12-29


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