The horse who drank the sky

The horse who drank the sky

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What is most important about cinema is that we are alive with it. For all its dramatic, literary, political, sociological, and philosophical weight, film is ultimately an art that provokes, touches, and riddles the viewer through an image that transcends narrative and theory. In The Horse Who Drank the Sky, Murray Pomerance brings attention to the visceral dimension of movies and presents a new and unanticipated way of thinking about what happens when we watch them.The sound is coming from over there ... he turns, and moves toward a window. dash dot dot. Dot dot dot ... The pull cord of a window blind is looped around a partly full Coke bottle, the neck of which sits on an open telegraph key. ... Window shade tugging on a Coke bottle, aquot; makes the captain smile ruefully and prepare to turn the sub back to Australia. ... She took an apple that she had been saving for this occasion for several weeks, and that was now thoroughly rotting, and she ate it.

Title:The horse who drank the sky
Author:Murray Pomerance
Publisher:Rutgers Univ Pr - 2008-07


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