The History of The War in the Air 1914- 1918

The History of The War in the Air 1914- 1918

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This magnificent and comprehensive volume was written in 1922 by Professor Walter Raleigh. Originally entitled The History of the War in the Air (Being the story of the part played in the Great War by the Royal Air Force) this all embracing and vital work features the most important account of the aerial battles, the men and the machines.??Raleigh was Professor of English Literature at Glasgow University and Chair of English Literature at Oxford University. On the outbreak of the Great War he turned to the war as his primary subject. His finest book on the subject is this, the first volume of The War in the Air, which was an instant publishing success. Unfortunately the projected second volume was never completed as Raleigh died from typhoid (which he contracted during a visit to the Near East) in 1922. Nonetheless, Professor Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh has attained classic status as a result of this mighty work and this legendary volume ensures his status as a military author par excellence.Service. In. 1914. WHEN. tHE WAr broke out the Naval Wing of the royal flying Corps had already been separated from ... of which one, the little Willows airship, may be left out of the reckoning, but of the others, the Parseval, Astra-Torres, and anbsp;...

Title:The History of The War in the Air 1914- 1918
Author:Sir Walter Raleigh
Publisher:Pen and Sword - 2014-05-31


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