The Hero of Italy

The Hero of Italy

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The Hero of Italy relates the misadventure of a minor Italian state whose prince led it into a major war against the principal European power of the time. By some accident, the very rare company roster-books have survived, giving us an in-depth look at a seventeenth-century army, from the senior officers to the rank and file. Surviving chronicles allow the author to paint a vivid picture of the tumultuous events unfolding in Italy, and these arebuttressed by patient reconstruction of military and civilian mortality. Abundant maps and illustrations help bring the period and place to life. It will appeal to anyone interested in the Thirty Years' War, or of17th-century warfare in general.The basic money of account was the lire of 20 soldi, but there were no coins in that specific amount; rather, mints struck ... signs, that is, strike coins made of copper or bronze that bore values much higher than the metallic worth of the piece.

Title:The Hero of Italy
Author:Gregory Hanlon
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2014-03


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