The Handy Butler

The Handy Butler

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Pursuing the idea for this booklet in the beginning, I thought it would be a good idea to be in possession of a handy book that can be kept in the kitchen as a quick reference guide to every day queries and cooking conversions. Since then, it has become a lot more than that, with plenty of interesting information and tips for all genders of the household. Whether hosting a formal dinner party or caring for your Koi Pond or attempting Do-It-Yourself projects - to mention but a few, this booklet is able to make your situation a little bit easier if you encounter a problem. Some interesting subjects include: Sign Language, Signing and Braille as well as Morse Code and Navigational Flags and Navigational Lights. For those who ever wondered how to wrap a Turban or Sari or even wondered about the Hats from around the world you will find it in this booklet. If you need to know when the Islamic and Jewish holidays are, and their meanings - look no further, The Handy Butler has it all. In conclusion: The little obstacles in life are made easier when there is a Handy Butler to help you.STAIN. REMOVAL. GUIDE. FOR. FURNISHINGS. COFFEE: Carpets a€“ blot up as much as possible, then squirt with a soda siphon and ... Spilt nail polish should be blotted well, then removed with a non-oily nail polish remover. INK: Inks are difficult to remove and some old ink stains will never come out of certain surfaces.

Title:The Handy Butler
Author:Lesley-Ann Stanghon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-03


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