The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists

The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists

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The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists is a single-volume, ready reference for the practicing engineer and scientist in industry, government, and academia as well as the novice computer user. It provides the most up-to-date information in a variety of areas such as common platforms and operating systems, applications programs, networking, and many other problem-solving tools necessary to effectively use computers on a daily basis. Specific platforms and environments thoroughly discussed include MS-DOSAr, MicrosoftAr WindowsTM, the MacintoshAr and its various systems, UNIXTM, DEC VAXTM, IBMAr mainframes, OS/2Ar, WindowsTM NT, and NeXTSTEPTM. Word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, databases, integrated packages, computer presentation systems, groupware, and a number of useful utilities are also covered. Several extensive sections in the book are devoted to mathematical and statistical software. Information is provided on circuits and control simulation programs, finite element tools, and solid modeling tools. Additional coverage is included on data communications and networking. Many appendices at the end of the book provide useful supplemental information, such as ASCII codes, RS-232 parallel port and pinout information, and ANSI escape sequences. This valuable resource handbook brings together a wide variety of topics and offers a wealth of information at the reader's fingertips.In those environments with a data window the contents of worksheet columns are most easily altered by going to the data window ... For a complete list of these functions consult either Help, the Minitab Handbook or the Minitab Reference Manual. ... MTBagt; LET CIO = LOGE (CD These functions may be combined with the standard FORTRAN operators for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division , andanbsp;...

Title:The Handbook of Software for Engineers and Scientists
Author:Paul W. Ross
Publisher:CRC Press - 1995-10-25


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