The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America

The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America

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The course of daily life in the United States has been a product of tradition, environment, and circumstance. How did the Civil War alter the lives of women, both white and black, left alone on southern farms? How did the Great Depression change the lives of working class families in eastern cities? How did the discovery of gold in California transform the lives of native American, Hispanic, and white communities in western territories? Organized by time period as spelled out in the National Standards for U.S. History, these four volumes effectively analyze the diverse whole of American experience, examining the domestic, economic, intellectual, material, political, recreational, and religious life of the American people between 1763 and 2005. Working under the editorial direction of general editor Randall M. Miller, professor of history at St. Joseph's University, a group of expert volume editors carefully integrate material drawn from volumes in Greenwood's highly successful Daily Life Through History series with new material researched and written by themselves and other scholars. The four volumes cover the following periods: The War of Independence and Antebellum Expansion and Reform, 1763-1861, The Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Industrialization of America, 1861-1900, The Emergence of Modern America, World War I, and the Great Depression, 1900-1940 and Wartime, Postwar, and Contemporary America, 1940-Present. Each volume includes a selection of primary documents, a timeline of important events during the period, images illustrating the text, and extensive bibliography of further information resourcesa€”both print and electronica€”and a detailed subject index.... 2:22, 92, 94a€“95, 100, 319 Scott, Winfield, 1:384 Scribner, Charles, 2:254 Scribnera#39;s Magazine, 2:537, 582 Scribnera#39;s Monthly, ... See Strategic Defensive Initiative Seacliff(De Forest), 1:454; 2:96 Seale, Bobby, 4:128 Sears, Isaac, 1:96 Sears ... founders of, 2:530; in intellectual life, 2:530a€“32; lecture series, 2:530a€“31; locations, 2:532; manual training, 2:531a€“32. ... William, 1:390; 2:159, 429 Sewell, Anna, 2:533 Sewell, William, 3:184 Sewing machines, 2:212 Sex, 1:165, 400; 4: 14;anbsp;...

Title:The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Daily Life in America
Author:Randall M. Miller Ph.D.
Publisher:ABC-CLIO - 2008-12-30


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