The Great Race

The Great Race

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The Great Race recounts the story of a century-long battle between automakers for market share, profit, and technological dominancea€”and a race to build the car of the future. The worlda€™s great manufacturing juggernauta€”the $2 trillion automotive industrya€”is in the throes of a revolution. Its future will include cars Henry Ford and Karl Benz could scarcely have imagined. They will drive themselves, wona€™t consume oil, and will come in radical shapes and sizes. But the path to that future is fraught. The top contenders are two traditional manufacturing giants, the United States and Japan, and a newcomer, China. Team America has a powerful and little known weapon in its arsenal: a small group of technology buffs and regulators from California. The story of why and how these men and women could shape the futurea€”how you move, how you work, how you live on eartha€”is an unexpected tale filled with unforgettable characters: a scorned chemistry professor, a South African visionary who went for broke, an ambitious Chinese expat, a quixotic Japanese nuclear engineer, and a string of billion-dollar wagers by governments and corporations. Tillemanna€™s account is incisive and riveting. It explains how America bounced back in this global contest and what it will take to command the industrial future.Manya€”including Nissan and Daimlera€”announced commercialization goals in the 2020 time frame. ... For academics and policy makers it was suddenly legitimate, reasonable, and even necessary to start ponderingthe implications of afuture ... And that is why one might say that automation is not simply the next frontier, but the finishing line in the GreatRace. ... And these robotshave the potential to address social problems ranging fromtime management, to emissions , to vehiclesafety.

Title:The Great Race
Author:Levi Tillemann
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2015-01-20


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