The Great Mary Ann Doyle

The Great Mary Ann Doyle

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Randy had always looked at the world differently than most, and was quietly disappointed in nearly everything he saw. Then, he met Mary Ann Doyle, a wild spitfire on the opposite end of his untroubled spectrum. Most had written her off, and few dared to look beyond her rugged past, but Randy was no ordinary fellow. From Johnny's Tavern through the quaint college town of Lawrence and a rare, blue-collar portrait of the Kentucky Derby, they catapulted a string of adventures that landed them more in love than they ever thought possible. But there's a sad reality behind dreams of outlasting a tough world, and Randy's observations are both breathtaking and heartbreaking; but he shoulders his instincts and follows the path of the battlers, his beloved qmad onesq en route to self-discovery and true meaning amidst chaos and romantic confusion.extended cab of Mary Anna#39;s truck and waited with my arms folded, listening to the black mana#39;s lies. A few minutes later I heard the muffled sound of bass speakers. A Mitsubishi Eclipse appeared at the far end of the parking lot and slowly droveanbsp;...

Title:The Great Mary Ann Doyle
Author:Randy Goetz
Publisher:Publishamerica Incorporated - 2005-09-01


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