The Great American Bank Robbery

The Great American Bank Robbery

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You may not realize it, but you helped pay for a $10 million, fourteen-month government a€œinvestigationa€ of the housing collapse. Only your $10 million didna€™t buy much, and it certainly didna€™t buy truth; any hope of that went out the window on day one. The congressionally appointed panela€”made up primarily of anti-market, historic revisionistsa€”managed to shift the blame away from Washington and onto mortgage lenders and a€œgreedya€ Wall Street executives, while protecting the real culprits at the core of the crisis: POLITICIANS LIKE THEMSELVES. Ita€™s not about Democrat or Republican, left or right, black or white. Ita€™s about the usual suspectsa€”money and power and the people who use government to manipulate them for private advantage. The Great American Bank Robbery maps out in detail exactly how Washington social engineers and their accomplices reshaped banking regulations and housing policies and gutted time-tested underwriting standards that led to the worst financial calamity since the 1930s, one that has robbed American households of $14 trillion in net worth. And theya€™re not done yet . . .193, The Clinton HUD . . . discriminatory matter: PR Newswire, a€œHUD and Mortgage Bankers Execute Fair Lending Agreement, a€ ... online at http://www. Treasury %20CRA%20Report.pdf. ... 194, Purchasing these loans could: Federal Register 65, no.

Title:The Great American Bank Robbery
Author:Paul Sperry
Publisher:Thomas Nelson Inc - 2011-01-17


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