The Grant Years, 1958 -

The Grant Years, 1958 -

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November, 1958. A sunny day and I was feeling pretty good about things. Ia€™d been writing ads and commercials in Chicago for over eight years, and found it both rewarding and satisfying. Heck, Ia€™d only been fired once. Even that wasna€™t all that horrible; my boss offered to cancel the firing, but I told him to forget it. Who wants to work for a guy whoa€™s just fired you? So that day I was on my way to my new job at Grant Advertising. Good job, good agency. Things looked terrific. But how was I to know that in a year Ia€™d be transferred to the Detroit office to work on the big Dodge account? And how was I to know wea€™d lose the account within days and transfer me to the New York office? And how was I to know that New York would be fun for a while and then a pain in the neck? And how was I to knowa€”? Well, you get the idea. And I hope you enjoy coming along.... and doors. ...automatic washer and high-speed dryer included. ...40 gal. gas hot water heater. ...100 amp. electrical service with circuit breakers and 220V wiring. ...has been described as aquot;a home for people who really appreciate nice living.

Title:The Grant Years, 1958 -
Author:Wallace J. Gordon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2006-06-29


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