The Gods of Asphalt - Book One

The Gods of Asphalt - Book One

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When police search seventeen year-old Sawyer Hayden's wallet after he steals and crashes a vintage motorcycle they find just three things:The fake I.D. his brother bought him, his real ID without a motorcycle endorsement and the empty condom wrapper he saved from his first night with Sarah.What police don't find is his list. A list of the three things Sawyer blames for turning his once promising athlete of a father into a trucker who's life went nowhere. A list that before tonight he never left home without. Before tonight Sawyer lived his life by that list, like a map he used to avoid the same path his father traveled. A map he used to find a road of own, a road he knew for a fact would pave the way to a college scholarship and a future in basketball. But that was before tonight. Because despite all Sawyer's careful planning his map sends him down a road toward an obstacle he never sees coming. An obstacle that slams him head on and reveals a fate worse than failure. Success. Now broken, bleeding and running out of time Sawyer is forced to make a new list. A simple list with only one strategy. Live long enough to fail.You wona#39;t find it in any textbook or pamphlet or manual at the DMV. I guess ita#39;s because very ... Leave it to me to dump a motorcycle under the only streetlight in Nebraska and still not be able to see what I did to myself. I prop up on an elbow toanbsp;...

Title:The Gods of Asphalt - Book One
Author:H. E. Ellis
Publisher:H.E. Ellis - 2011-08-23


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