The God of Covenant and Creation

The God of Covenant and Creation

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Larry Chapp develops a true qtheology of natureq that begins and ends with strictly confessional Christian warrants. He begins by showing how modern naturalism arose out of a theological matrix and how it lost its way specifically as naturalism as soon as it rejected that theological matrix. Indeed, modern naturalism is not so much a-theological as it is a rival theology to that of the Church. All claims of ultimacy, including those of natural science, have inherently theological orientations embedded within them - however unconsciously. Therefore, what confronts us in the modern world is not so much a choice between a non-theological naturalism and a theological naturalism. Rather, what confronts us is a choice between two rival theologies - one agnostic and a-theistic in its implications while the other is revelocentric and Christian.of the shift to a mathematical/mechanical view of the cosmos versus a theophanic one. ... the physical cosmos, but they were most certainly right to see in the new science a complete revolution in human thinking; ... Here is where the degradation of the concept of form, discussed in Chapter 2, becomes important. ... Attempted answers to this problem came from several quarters, but most pertinent to our analysis here was the answer attempted by theistic thinkers with deistic tendencies.

Title:The God of Covenant and Creation
Author:Larry S. Chapp
Publisher:A&C Black - 2013-05-01


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