The Ghost Ship Citizens

The Ghost Ship Citizens

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Those who love both Nature and Technology and are looking for an extraordinary but still believable Adventure, will be attracted by this book. Many people believe that very special events do only occur far away. This is so because we are not really aware of our environment and the forces that dwell in it. Be ready to open your eyes and change your mind and you will see that different realities converge here, very close to us! Maybe you cannot see them at the first glance. But, eventually, fate will make them cross your way. If this happens, the world won't be the same for you any longer. Have the courage to join Master Engineer CarrAis and his Specialists Team on this fantastic experience! Preview: In the 24th century we were used to consider any possible threat to our planet as coming from space, very likely from one of those terrorist groups from far-away worlds that did not accept the spreading of the Human culture. The idea that we may have a potential enemy in our own planet had not crossed the minds of the generals at the Pentagon, until Major Jenkins detected a huge object advancing in the depths of the Indic Ocean during a routine Navy drill. Soon, another encounter of similar kind, but in the air, will show us that our homeland security is unable to assess the presence of other beings who are apparently sharing our pretty planet. Master Engineer CarrAis, Technical Director of the EACS Aerospace Consortium in Getafe, and his collaborators, have been involved in a search mission under the supervision of the pretty Elke Zimmermann, a high Government representative who insists on the peaceful nature of their task. What the CarrAis people cannot tell Ms Zimmermann is that they have found a mole in their organization.The Bold Adventures of Master Engineer CarrAis aamp; his Specialists Team Dani Waldburger ... It just happened that a little fly had settled on the bar code of the additive box and the picking-up and vending machine had read it wrong, whichanbsp;...

Title:The Ghost Ship Citizens
Author:Dani Waldburger
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-11-29


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