The Gatehouse

The Gatehouse

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Sophie Warrington McPhalen finally lands a long-awaited job at the Daily Trib. Ironically on her first day at work, a story comes in about bones being found on her family plantation. Forensic examination discovers that the bones date back to the Civil War, but there is no headstone to mark the grave. Intrepid reporter Jack McFallen starts an investigation. Meanwhile Sophie continues renovations to the old family gatehouse on the plantation. In the process, two spirits are loosed, one good, the other evil. During the renovation, the discovery of her great-great-grandmothera€™s journal only adds to the mystery. While continuing to investigate, an attraction was obviously developing between Jack and Sophie as they poured over the old letters and documents. A jealousy conspiracy by outsiders moves the lovers closer together as they work to solve the mystery. Both are forced into the tangled world of the occult, mysticism, and demonology in their effort to purge the gatehouse of its spirits.... me so much. We could hear footsteps going upstairs. a€œWhere are they going?a€ she asked. a€œI bet Jack has taken Gage up to the recreation room.a€ Jack said, a€œSee , whata#39;d I tell you a Samsung HPR 4252 plasma TV forty-two inches looks likeanbsp;...

Title:The Gatehouse
Author:Gege Lambert
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-03-03


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