The Fresno Incident

The Fresno Incident

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The Chancellor Organization is a world-wide secret a€˜information enterprisea€™ owned by the reclusive multi-billionaire Duke Chancellor, whose colorful executive Joe Czarzhynensky orchestrates its influence to benefit or punish people where the law has proven inadequate. Denver psychologist Jake Lewis stops at Eddiea€™s Place for entertainment and food after a day of counseling veterans at the Denver VA Hospital. There he falls hopelessly in love with Sasha, a gorgeous and uniquely talented vocalist, and only niece of Duke Chancellor. Jake and Sasha agree to meet again at Eddiea€™s Place after she returns from her next performance in Fresno, but she never arrives because she is among the missing after Khalid Kayani executes the most devastating terrorist attack since 9/11. Jake is suspended in emotional limbo, unaware of her fate, fearing she stood him up, or is dead. After a professional conference at NYU, he joins friends at Club 46 in Manhattan, where he is shocked to hear her distinctive voice from the stage. However, when his friends try to reunite them after the show, Sasha does not recognize him because she suffers from amnesia. Join the rich and compelling suspense, running the entire gamut of human emotion, as The Chancellor Organization arranges creative psychotherapy for Sasha and then assists General Murray of the CIA in their search for Rasheed Shirani, the planner of the Fresno incident. Delight in their creative persuasion techniques, as Joe and General Murray manipulate influential people to capture Rasheed and bring him to justice in an unusual exercise of a€˜the law of the jungle, a€™ where the jury expresses the true conscience of the people. KIRKUS REVIEWS Rettew, Philip L. THE FRESNO INCIDENT anbspA terrorist attack shakes Fresno, and Jake Lewis is left to mourn the woman of his dreams a€” or is he? anbspWhen Jake meets beautiful singer Sasha, his life changes irrevocably. But then the city of Fresno suffers a mysterious and tragic terrorist attack, dubbed a€œThe Fresno Incident, a€ and Sasha is nowhere to be found. Jake is left adrift, wondering if his lover was killed in the attack or merely disappeared in its aftermath, and sets out to find the answers. Meanwhile, a fellowship of wealthy, well-connected men, led by reclusive billionaire Duke Chancellor, gets involved in the search and the stakes are raised. The story, told in action-packed bursts as it speeds through different characters and cities, weaves together the search for those responsible for the Fresno Incident with Jakea€™s search for resolution. The reader will hang on through more than 400 pages waiting for the outcome to unfold. With such an extensive cast of characters and plot, Rettew breaks the action into more than 80 short chapters, which effectively organize the novela€™s myriad characters and conflicts. Each chapter begins by marking the date and location of the current action, helping readers keep track of the booka€™s various subplots that traverse the globe. The structure of the novel itself reflects its sprawling storyline, echoing the effects terrorist incidents can have all over the world. In the midst of all the threads that hold together Rettewa€™s novel, the author is sure to provide frequent updates on the lives of its two central characters. This serves to keep readers not only intellectually engaged in the clever plotting, but emotionally engaged in its characters as well. anbspA plot-heavy, action-filled read that thrills with international intrigue. Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., Austin, TX 78744 indie@kirkusreviews.comKhalid walked back to his van, unhitched the small motorcycle trailer, and drove the van back to the truck and parked behind the trailer. The two men secured Khalida#39;s van to a towing bar behind the trailer, connected the tail light wires andanbsp;...

Title:The Fresno Incident
Author:Philip L. Rettew
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-01-04


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