The Frame Problem in Artificial Intelligence

The Frame Problem in Artificial Intelligence

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The Frame Problem in Artificial Intelligence: Proceedings of the 1987 Workshop focuses on the approaches, principles, and concepts related to the frame problem in artificial intelligence (AI). The selection first tackles the definition of the frame problem, circumscription approaches and criticisms, modal logic approaches, and syntactic consistency approaches. The text then takes a look at two frame problems, frame problem in AI, and the frame problem in AI histories, including frame problem defined, mathematical frame problem, commonsense frame problem, and the problems of qualification and extended prediction and their relation to the frame problem. The publication examines tense-logic-based mitigation of the frame problem, unframing the frame problem, a truth maintenance based approach to the frame problem, and qualification problem. Topics include possible worlds, qualification and possible worlds, epistemological issues, truth maintenance, contradiction handling, application of intensional logic, development and implementation of chronolog, and approaches to solving the frame problem. The selection is a dependable source of data for researchers interested in the frame problem.L HP L and . . .T(loaded, sl), AB(loaded, wait, s 1) = 1 HP AB(loaded, wait, s 1), but since AB(loaded, wait, s 1) is not defined in P it will have the same function as L and thus we are back where we started, so HP T(alive, s}) does not hold. So D(P) anbsp;...

Title:The Frame Problem in Artificial Intelligence
Author:Frank M. Brown
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 2014-05-12


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