The Forgotten

The Forgotten

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Five authors are invited to take part in a TV show featuring real-life crimes. The authors are tasked with solving a a€˜crimea€™. Supplied with statements, crime scene photos and everything that the shows presenter, Jeremy Webster, thinks they need, the authors have six weeks to solve the a€˜crime.a€™ One by one the authors are murdered, yet the individual murders do not appear to be linked. The authors live in different locations across the country and are killed by different means. Required to keep their participation in the show confidential until after Jeremy Webster makes the announcement, not even the families of the authors make the connection between the show and the murders. Everyone involved in the show is being targeted including Eve Somerset, asked to help her friend and one of the guest authors, Josephine Whitely. After discovering details of the murders and after an attempt to run her off the road Eve persuades Josephine to leave Colney and fearing for her life Eve also leaves for a while. Eve begins to think that possibly the task set the authors is an unsolved police case that Jeremy Webster has stumbled across via his police connections. However, when Jeremy Webster is murdered and his body dumped in Colney, the police have numerous questions not least of which is one case or two?a#39;Proceeding into your borough for collection of important case files and key witness in an unmarked Vauxhall Insignia, ID Delta Bravo four-zero, on a full blue light run, please notify all unitsa€”over.a#39; a#39;All received Charlie Whisky Three.

Title:The Forgotten
Author:Jacky Walker
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-01-16


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