The Forgotten Assassin

The Forgotten Assassin

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In just a few short days, Dave's perfect life was shattered as his past caught up with him. Bizarre accidents and unknown people from both sides of the law were popping up one after another; claiming horrible things that he had done in the past. To further complicate things, Dave couldn't even remember about his dreadful past: His old profession as one of the world's top assassins. What's worse, he found out that the people surround him were not as trustworthy as he thought. As time was running out, things surround him started to fall apart, including the life-threatening danger, lurking to him and his wife. Having no other choice but to solely rely on his own instinct, Dave must quickly find out the truth about his past ... Before it's too late.This is the story that will reveal the power of Love and Forgiveness in the real world. The first book of three, this is Dave's journey in finding the truth he couldn't even remember ... and discovering something more.Suddenly, a huge Ford Expedition moved into the middle lane, cutting right in front of the BMW. All without giving any signal. a€œWATCH OUT ... Right before its front bumper kissed the Expeditiona#39;s rear bumper. Once again, the seatbelts went stiffanbsp;...

Title:The Forgotten Assassin
Author:Murry Thio - 2006-10-01


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