The Flour Convoy

The Flour Convoy

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Army Captain Alan Moore and his wife, Jeanene, are seeking to emigrate to the United States. Conditions of life in the land of their birth have deteriorated immensely, and the Moore family has fallen out of favor with the ruling dictator. The Moores are waiting for the letter from the U.S. Embassy notifying them of their final interview. While carrying out his duties as Commander of F-Company, Alan objects to the corrupt practices he observes, including ballot-box tampering during the national election. This further isolates him from his military superiors and, when he stumbles onto a smuggling operation, he is falsely accused and incarcerated. Will the dictator succeed in humiliating Alan and his family, or will his wife and his friends succeed in freeing him? *** a€œThe Flour Convoy follows in the grand tradition of Chinua Achebea€™s Anthills in the Savannah and V.S.Naipaula€™s A Bend in the River, but moves beyond those important works with an insidera€™s view of the militarya€™s role in buttressing the authoritarian regime it chronicles. . . An informative and compelling read.a€ -Scott Douglas Gerber, author of The Ivory Tower and The Law Clerk *** a€œA writer of great creativity and wit, Chaitram Singh brings an intellectuala€™s insight to bear on the light and dark sides of humanity in a situation that speaks of universal struggles, tragedies, and triumphs. . .A compelling story that keeps the reader turning pages.a€ -Bruce Conn, author of The Curse of Durgana€™s Reef *** a€œA view of authoritarianism from a very close range . . .The Flour Convoy makes the reader an eyewitness to the corruptive forces so common in post-colonial regimes. A wonderfully crafted plot, presented with a crispness the title conveys.a€ -Nala Singham, Editor and Publisher, The Caribbean New YorkerBy the time the jeep passed the Borlum Turn and started down the desolate, six- mile stretch to Palmyra, the rain was coming down in sheets, ... the problem, soldier? ... a€œI think is the fuel pump, a€ one soldier replied, squinting at the rain drops.

Title:The Flour Convoy
Author:Chaitram Singh
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-11-02


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