The First Document

The First Document

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VEXELPH is a God. These.... are not the typical Gods as described in your human mythology. These Gods are extremely powerful and incredibly advanced in technology. Most Gods are peaceful. Some Gods are not. An organisation known as the a€˜Wraithsa€™ has been spreading evil for a long time. This wasna€™t the first act of violence that showed itself in the whole line of history. Vexelph sets out to wipe out the Wraiths, aided by the human replica of himself, Felix and one of his old rivals, Nathaniel. What other 13 year olds think about the book: a€œEnthralling!!! The characters are well construed. A book which must be on everyonea€™s shelf. Great work!!!a€ - Swathi M V a€œInteresting, fascinating.... All must read!a€ a€“ Adarsh Krishna Vallurupalli a€œAmazing names and interesting science.a€ a€“ Anushruta TripathiHe channeled his program into a chip andplugged in the chip into a platform.A wire ran from ... Heboughta laserreciever, a Protonn 2set control chip V2.33. This had ... He took the remote and plugged it into his laptop and started a program.

Title:The First Document
Author:Pranay Venkatesh
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2014-12-15


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