The First Baby Manual

The First Baby Manual

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OK - so youa€™ve met the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your soul mate. The Ying to your Yang. The chocolate topping to your vanilla ice-cream. The hundreds to your thousands. The macaroni to your cheese - oh stop me now! The discussions are getting serious. Therea€™s talk of futures. And parents meeting each other. Grandparents too. Therea€™s talk of owning pets. And houses. And being the 100% on the life insurance policies. This is the ramblings of a mum who wants to tell it how it is. Sometimes ita€™s the most awesome job in the world. Sometimes it feels like ita€™s all about poo and bee stings.Your kids will love that you are a big part of the school life. But learn to manage your time. This will come in handy once your children are ... We have a son playing football on Sunday mornings. Since hea#39;s only seven, therea#39;s no training involved.

Title:The First Baby Manual
Author:A.C. Wright
Publisher:Amanda Dixon - 2013-12-05


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