The Fall of the Sky Lords

The Fall of the Sky Lords

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Shangri-La is a protected haven built by the enigmatic Eloi, (genetically-enhanced humans of indeterminate sex), and is now the Antarctic underwater prison of Jan Dorvin, once Sky Lord Captain, sometime dictator of the depleted Earth of the Gene Wars, and her maimed lover, Robin. Far above them, the struggle against the mighty airships an their commanders continues, as Ashley, a rogue computer personality, once again joins forces with the Machiavellian trickster, Milo Haze, against the remaining rebellious survivors of humanity. Meanwhile, on Belvedere, a religious commune set in deep space, contact is made with Earth for the first time in years and an unexpected counter is thrown into the game. Milo Haze, Mark Two, is about to enter the equation.a€œYou can repair my spine so that I can feel again? ... The spinal cord contains a vast number of individual nerve fibres so it was a very complicated job to identify each one and connect them up to the right counterpart by microsurgery. Humananbsp;...

Title:The Fall of the Sky Lords
Author:John Brosnan
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2013-02-25


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