The Fall of my Beginning

The Fall of my Beginning

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The series of memoirs recalled and compiled by Carolyn Gill Davis (Baird/Jackson) spans seventy years. And although much of her character was formed by the people, places, things, and images of childhood, other stumbling blocks also helped to fortify her beliefs Her book, The Fall of My Beginning, falls naturally into three parts: While I Learned to Know, When I Thought I Knew, and Then I Learned I Didn It Know. This is not a prescribed autobiography. Instead her book incorporates her feelings, impressions, reactions at many varied times, in many varied places. Emotions are succinctly expressed as poetry and letters to her deceased mother, the guiding force in her life. The poems range from the awesome wonder and compelling beauty she experienced, in her first formative years in Indiana, her bold and daring years in California, and finally back home again in Indiana. The reader will find no one major tragedy, but a series that is familiar enough to provide reader identification, and empathy. Well-preserved and cherished family photographs, a few blurred by age, have a mission to make the reader sense the family pride and loyalty. In the end, she feels gratitude for her life, as varied and as up-and-down as could be. Even her mother, in Heaven, knows now that all is well. Ms Davis has her mother Is letter as a testimony. How fitting a closing to a special book. Carolyn Gill Davis (Baird/Jackson), AuthorI only had to wait for my daughter to select the moving company she felt had the best price. Her decision ... This was a large cross-country size truck. ... Using my checklist, I made sure that just things that were supposed to leave were taken.

Title:The Fall of my Beginning
Author:Carolyn Gill Davis (Baird/Jackson)
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2001-08-20


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