The Failure of Global Capitalism

The Failure of Global Capitalism

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qWhat do Cape Breton in Atlantic Canada and Colombia in South America have in common? Coal, for one thing. Coal mining was the backbone of Cape Breton's industrial economy for more than one hundred years, but the last mine was closed in 2001 when the province's utility company took advantage of neoliberal globalization by importing coal - from Colombia. But the commonalities between Cape Breton and Colombia do not end with coal, there are many more connections directly related to the capitalist system: militant labour struggles, repression, economic insecurity, population displacement, social inequality and environmental devastation.q qCape Breton and Colombia epitomize the loss of well-paid, unionized industrial jobs in the global North - primarily North America and Europe- as a result of neoliberal globalization allowing multinational corporations to exploit the natural resources and cheap labour of the global South - Latin America, Africa and Asia.q qThe Failure of Global --Ramirez, Francisco: assassination attempts on, 64, 68 Rand, Ayn, 142 Reagan, Ronald, 19, 37, 142 Regina Manifesto ... Business, 99 society-to-society barter, 114 Soler Mora, Gustavo: assassination of, 60 Sotillo, Arnaldo, 116 St. Marya#39;s University, ... 52 Statistics Canada: and Employment Insurance, 38; and income equality, 93; and personal savings, 102 steel industry. ... goods and services tax TeleTech, 80 Textron Inc., 57 Thatcher, Margaret, 19, 37, 96, 102 Tissot, Roger, 110 TLC.

Title:The Failure of Global Capitalism
Author:Terry Gibbs, Garry M. Leech
Publisher: - 2009


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