The Face of Freedom

The Face of Freedom

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The Face of Freedom is a novel for all genders concerned with the current trading of Constitutional Freedoms for governmentally sponsored safety. In this novel incompetent manipulation of political and military power draws innocent people into a turmoil of intrigue, conflict and fulfillment that demonstrates the inevitable strength of men and women from varied walks of life and diverse countries. It demonstrates how unusual, usual people can be when it's necessary to defend freedom or someone they love. The unexpected twists and contradictions in the novel are difficult to predict, and will tempt the reader to look ahead. It can be said this book has more than one beginning and ending; not alternatives, but as in life, phases of renewal and discovery. It highlights the ease with which those in power are corrupted and demonstrates the integrity, tenacity and innate abilities of very special people, considered ordinary by those in power, to assume the noble mantle of leadership.As she carried her last bundle to the Jeep, Martha thought she looked like a little snow goddess with her rabbit fur collar ... when he told her how much he weighed and that neither Martha nor Ridgley Lewis Parker had any problems during the birth. ... The President received word that several patriot groups were attempting.

Title:The Face of Freedom
Author:Benjamin Vance - 2013-08-13


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