The Experiences of Target and Non-target Confronters of Prejudice

The Experiences of Target and Non-target Confronters of Prejudice

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Researchers have proposed that targets of prejudice engage in a cost-benefits analysis when deciding whether or not to confront such prejudice. A relatively overlooked possibility is that non-targets can and do confront prejudice that is directed at other groups. This study aimed to compare the experiences of target and non-target confronters of prejudice. University undergraduates engaged in an online interaction, during which their (confederate) partner made either a rude or sexist comment. They then wrote an essay (in which they could confront their partner) and completed measures of affect, meta-perceptions of their partner, and perceptions of essay effectiveness. Results indicated that there were no differences on dependent measures between participants who confronted rudeness or sexism, or between male and female confronters of sexism. Those participants who confronted more directly did seem to incur higher costs (e.g., affect, partners' evaluation), but also believed they were more effective.The essay helpfiilness codes were determined primarily by the number of suggestions an essay writer provided. Many writers did not make explicit suggestions regarding their partnersa#39; future behavior, but did provide information that could beanbsp;...

Title:The Experiences of Target and Non-target Confronters of Prejudice
Author:Jennifer S. Pratt-Hyatt
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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