The Expanded and Annotated My Life and Work

The Expanded and Annotated My Life and Work

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Henry Ford's industrial innovations were directly responsible for the transformation of the United States into the most productive, affluent, and powerful nation on Earth. My Life and Work describes exactly how Ford did this in terms of not only manufacturing science, but also economics and organizational behavior. This holistic approach, and its validation by world-class results, make Ford's original work the best business leadership book ever written. The Expanded and Annotated My Life and Work: Henry Ford's Universal Code for World-Class Success updates this original with modern perspectives that explain and organize Forda€™s thought process explicitly. My Life and Work is not a mechanistic or industry-specific formula that practitioners can follow like work instructions in a factory, but rather a holistic synergy of impartial laws of economics, science, and human behaviora€”a synergy that Ford called the universal code. This universal code simultaneously delivered high profits, high wages, and low prices in every industry to which Ford applied it. It also realized unprecedented improvements in industries ranging from coal mines to railroads, and even healthcare as practiced in the Henry and Clara Ford Hospital. This annotated edition introduces Forda€™s universal code along with vital economic, behavioral, Lean manufacturing, and customer service principles. It contains almost all the material of the original, plus more than 30 percent new content that reinforces Forda€™s timeless principles. Readers who understand and internalize Forda€™s universal code can easily overcome the self-limiting paradigms that afflict todaya€™s organizations. These include, for example, the belief that healthcare is a zero-sum game in which escalating costs are the price of quality. The book illustrates the basic elements of what is now called the Toyota Production System as well as the organizational and human relations principles needed to gain buy-in and engagement from all participants.Henry Forda#39;s Universal Code for World-Class Success William A. Levinson, Henry Ford, Samuel Crowther ... I had seen plenty of these engines hauled around by horses, but this one had a chain that made a connection between the engine and the rear wheels of the wagon-like frame on which ... and I was off the wagon and talking to the engineer before my father, who was driving, knew what I was up to.

Title:The Expanded and Annotated My Life and Work
Author:William A. Levinson, Henry Ford, Samuel Crowther
Publisher:CRC Press - 2013-07-19


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