The Exes in My iPod

The Exes in My iPod

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a€œIta€™s the Eat, Pray, Love of the wine world.a€ a€” Wine Enthusiast magazine When Harley Aberle got her first iPod, she created the kind of playlist every girl wants to keep on solitary lockdown. She called it The Exesa€”a collection of long-lost songs that instantly steamrolled her down a memory lane of men wider than a six-lane freeway. The Exes in My iPod: A Playlist of the Men Who Rocked Me to Wine Country is a no- holds-barred account of Harleya€™s quest to win the hearts of a motley crew of men during her twentiesa€”that golden decade of poor judgment where college, career, alcohol and romance run a crash course. With a musical time capsule of a€œlucky 13a€ songs, Harley takes you on a rockina€™ journey through laugh-out-loud heartaches and headaches, as this redneck waitress from a long line of alcoholics searches for true love and her calling in lifea€”finding both in California wine country. Grab some earbuds, pour a glass of wine and kick back with an amusing e-book that will inspire you to create your own Exes playlist and discover the hidden beauty of all that baggage. a€œLike a great wine or memorable song, this deliciously funny and heartwarming tale brings joy to your soul and a smile to your face. Enjoy the read with headphones on and glass in hand.a€ a€” Leslie Sbrocco, author of The Simple a Savvy Wine Guide and host of Check, Please! Bay Area... steps back with us?a€ My mind raced from Christmas with his family to the pot bust. a€œWhy cana#39;t we just have a normal night out that doesna#39;t involve a fucking tow truck or a cop car?a€ Ia#39;d recently bought a used Honda Civic because my Pontiacanbsp;...

Title:The Exes in My iPod
Author:Lisa M. Mattson
Publisher:Lisa M. Mattson - 2014-11-06


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