The Ex Factor

The Ex Factor

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This emotional, erotically-charged novel follows three half-sisters and their complicated relationships with one another and with the men in their lives. Celeste thinks all she wants in life are her family and a nice home in the suburbs. Yet lately shea€™s got a hunch that her sexy husband, Sharief, a New York City policeman, is patrolling more than just the streets. Celeste is sure hea€™s cheating on her. When she finds out that the home-wrecker is none other than her own sister Monica, all hell breaks loose. Monica never intended to fall in love with her sistera€™s husband. But who knew that Sharief would make every inch of her body tingle with a single touch? Monica knows she should have righted her wrong before Celeste found out, but shea€™s in too deepa€“in more ways than one. Imani is not pleased that her low-life boyfriend, Walik, just got out of the slammer and wants her back. Sure enough trouble comes knocking. But when a fine Puerto Rican DJ named Kree seduces her and showers her son, Jamal, with attention, Imani finally gets a shot at happiness and ghetto-free love. Fielding the curve balls tossed their way, Celeste, Monica, and Imani learn that it takes more than sisterhood to cope with love, life, and mena€“the ones theya€™ve got, and that elusive ex factor. From the Trade Paperback edition.a€œWheres the food for the party?aquot; she asked. a€œI didna#39;t have a chance to get any. aquot; a€œ What? Why not? ... a€œI figured I could use my credit card and buy some ready- made platters from Costco.aquot; Monica peered at Celeste. a€œI could slap the shit out of you!

Title:The Ex Factor
Author:Tu-Shonda Whitaker
Publisher:One World/Ballantine - 2008-12-18


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