The Ethics of Terrorism

The Ethics of Terrorism

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The goal of this book is to provide a unique and comprehensive examination of the ethics of terrorism's origins, history, meaning and its numerous avenues of expression. There are 18 lectures that address the ethics of terrorism in both traditional and nontraditional explanations, including the psychological aspects of abandonment, weakness and degradation. Inasmuch as ethics and morals are often confused, the challenge lies in common misunderstanding and engaging in the discourse of the lectures on the ethics of terrorism. These lectures on the ethics of terrorism are meant to decode the comp.In theory, a€œreligionsa€ teach morals and ethical ideas; they help us know right from wrong. ... In an essay by Rabbi David A. Kunin called: a€œJudaism and Terrorism: Crisis and Responsea€ Kunin writes: a€œReligions are not immune from the diseaseanbsp;...

Title:The Ethics of Terrorism
Author:Thomas A. Gilly
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2009


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