The Ethics of Abortion

The Ethics of Abortion

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Appealing to reason rather than religious belief, this book is the most comprehensive case against the choice of abortion yet published. This Second Edition of The Ethics of Abortion critically evaluates all the major grounds for denying fetal personhood, including the views of those who defend not only abortion but also post-birth abortion. It also provides several (non-theological) justifications for the conclusion that all human beings, including those in utero, should be respected as persons. This book also critiques the view that abortion is not wrong even if the human fetus is a person. The Ethics of Abortion examines hard cases for those who are prolife, such as abortion in cases of rape or in order to save the mothera€™s life, as well as hard cases for defenders of abortion, such as sex selection abortion and the rationale for being qpersonally opposedq but publically supportive of abortion. It concludes with a discussion of whether artificial wombs might end the abortion debate. Answering the arguments of defenders of abortion, this book provides reasoned justification for the view that all intentional abortions are ethically wrong and that doctors and nurses who object to abortion should not be forced to act against their consciences. Updates and Revisions to the Second Edition include: -A response to Alberto Giubilinia€™s and Francesca Minervaa€™s now famous 2012 article, qAfter-Birth Abortionq in the Journal of Medical Ethics -Responses to new defenses of Judith Jarvis Thomsona€™s violinist argument -The addition of a new chapter on gradualist views of fetal moral worth, including Jeff McMahana€™s Time-Relative Interest Account -The addition of a new chapter on the conscience protection for health care workers who are opposed to abortion -Responses to many critiques of the first edition, including those made by Donald Marquis, David DeGrazia, and William E. MayThe issue of abortion continues to engage human minds and hearts among both scholars and non-scholars. ... It also challenged defenders of abortion who believe infanticide is wrong by arguing that if abortion is permissible for particular anbsp;...

Title:The Ethics of Abortion
Author:Christopher Kaczor
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-12-05


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