The Essentials of Airplane Maintenance

The Essentials of Airplane Maintenance

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How can a CEO spend creative energy to improve the performance of his organization instead of spending patch-up energy to quick-fix symptoms of problems? How can he develop a balanced, proactive plan (like a yin-yang relationship) so that his managers can properly manage their portfolios according to the companya€™s aims and objectives? The heart of The Essentials of Airplane Maintenance addresses issues concerning how to set up and manage an engineering and maintenance organization with all necessary facilities, departments, procedures in place, and staffing. Running an airline business in the current global environment is not meant for the fainthearted person or novice. The operation is complex and risky. In The Essentials of Airplane Maintenance, author Michael Loong provides practical information to the new and practicing engineers, engineering, and maintenance managers and CEOs of airlines. His philosophical approach to solving practical problems is enlightening and pragmatic, not only for the airlines, but also for the aviation suppliers. In order to achieve reliability and safe operation of airplanes, he advocates applying economic theory in managing engineering repair and replacement procedures instead of following the book blindly. It is a must-read book to achieve success in the dynamic, complex world of airline operations.The job specification is a proper official document that is required by the aviation authority when the incumbent is in charge of an engineering or ... The maintenance planning documents (MPD) prepared by the airframe manufacturers.

Title:The Essentials of Airplane Maintenance
Author:Michael Loong
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2015-01-28


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