The Essence of Anthropology

The Essence of Anthropology

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THE ESSENCE OF ANTHROPOLOGY features an experienced and diverse author team with expertise in all subfields of anthropology. With an eye to visual and written clarity, the authors present anthropology from an integrated, holistic perspective. They use three unifying themes as a framework to tie the book together and keep students focused: systemic adaptation to emphasize that every culture, past and present, is an integrated and dynamic system of adaptation; biocultural connections that highlight the integration of human culture and biology in the steps humans take to meet the challenges of survival; and the emergence of globalization and its disparate impact on peoples and cultures around the world. Pedagogical elements support these main themes and give deeper insight into the meaning and relevance of a wide range of topics covered in the general narrative by tying examples to behavior today. Insightful questions foster critical thinking, additional Visual Counterpoints widen the booka€™s array of compare-and-contrast examples, and a new Digging into Anthropology feature provides a hands-on approach to anthropological methods by giving active learning opportunities related to each chaptera€™s content. In addition, the authors have broadened viewpoints to offer explanations and examples from different points of view. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.They arranged for storage of surplus food for times of scarcity and supervised public works such as extensive irrigation systems and fortifications. ... For example, the Great Pyramid for the tomb of Khufu, an Egyptian pharaoh, is 236 meters (755 feet) long and 147 meters (481 ... Because most words in this language were monosyllabic, over time the markings came to stand for syllables, and cuneiformanbsp;...

Title:The Essence of Anthropology
Author:William Haviland, Harald Prins, Dana Walrath, Bunny McBride
Publisher:Cengage Learning - 2015-02-23


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