The Espionage Filmography

The Espionage Filmography

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From Sean Connery to Roy Rogers, from comedy to political satire, films that include espionage as a plot device run the gamut of actors and styles. More than just qspy movies, q espionage films have evolved over the history of cinema and American culture, from stereotypical foreign spy themes, to patriotic star features, to the Cold War plotlines of the sixties, and most recently to the sexy, slick films of the nineties. This filmography comprehensively catalogs movies involving elements of espionage. Each entry includes release date, running time, alternate titles, cast and crew, a brief synopsis, and commentary. An introduction analyzes the development of these films and their reflection of the changing culture that spawned them.Cast: Jetta Goudal, Robert Ames, Henry Walthall, Clive Brook, Edythe Chapman, Clarence Burton, Ed Brady. Crew:Rupert Julian ... Synopsis: Ames is a prisoner of war in Germany; his German nurse is really Miss Hawtree of the British Secret Service. Back in England she is .... Comments: Routine in the extreme spy/drug smuggling meller, with that old standby a€œsurprisea€a€”one of the crooks is a good guy!

Title:The Espionage Filmography
Author:Paul Mavis
Publisher:McFarland - 2011-03-03


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