The Engineering Language

The Engineering Language

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Words and acronyms are the heart of all communication, especially in all branches of engineering technology. Unfortunately, complete and accurate interpretations are not always prevalent. Yet such terms form legal contracts between different parties--parties such as subcontractors, vendors, customers, and manufacturers. For providers of engineering and related services use these words to convey a specific intent. Thus, it is imperative that all parties have a complete understanding of these words and acronyms. Readers will find within this book the complete and proper definition of most common words that are used within the engineering business world. Knowing their proper application can result in uniform interpretation of requirements, which can potentially save companies millions of dollars. The improper interpretation of qRegardless of Feature Sizeq versus qMaximum Material Conditionq can result in expensive parts being thrown in the scrap bin.BLOCK DIAGRAM A diagram of a system, instrument, or computer in which the principal parts are represented by suitably associated geometrical figures to show ... BLOW-BACK (MICROFILM) To enlarge or make an enlargement of an image.

Title:The Engineering Language
Author:Ronald Hanifan
Publisher:Momentum Press - 2010


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