The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within

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For the very worst kind of liberals, they long ago, beginning with guys like Bertram Russell, Woodrow Wilson and the Fabian Society, understood that the greatest flaw in democracy was the one man one vote concept and, if they could corrupt this system, they could hugely benefit and, in the process, gain enormous power and riches. It is this second kind of scoundrel we have to thank for the terrible situation we in America find ourselves in today. We will show, step by bloody step, how these miserable creatures have crippled our lovely, free and once great country- how they originated, hatched and engineered nefarious plots to bring us down and themselves up. We will show, with no chance of the guilty escaping our scrutiny, who these swine are and how they did what they have done. Once you have read and comprehended the contents of this book, your view of liberals, progressives, democrats, socialists, communists and fellow travelers will never again be the same. You will hate them with every fiber of your being! You will fight them at every turn, to the death, if that is what it will take. Robert J. Firth January 2011DCRT Division of Computer Research and Technology (replaced by CIT) 147. DDC Defense Distribution Center ... DeCA Defense Commissary Agency 150. ... DFAS Defense Finance and Accounting Service 153.DHS Department ... DORRA DLA Office of Operations Research and Resource Analysis 176.DOS Department anbsp;...

Title:The Enemy Within
Author:robert firth - 2013-02-01


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