The Electric Car Guide - G-Wiz

The Electric Car Guide - G-Wiz

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This is a book the most popular electric vehicle available today - the fun, quirky, unusual and loveable G-Wiz. Love it or loath it, the G-Wiz is a revolutionary vehicle. It runs on electricity and not fossil fuels. It emits no pollution and travels in silence. In short, it's a car that rewrites the rulebook. This book is for anyone who is interested in owning a G-Wiz. If you want to know what these cars are like to own, use and live with on a day to day basis, this book will put you in the picture.For instance, if you need to travel 20 miles (32km) a day and do not have the facility to recharge the car during the day, you need to ensure your choice of electric car has a range ... The range does decrease when the batteries are old. ... If you have enough charge to use it the following day, you wona#39;t end up feeling foolish!

Title:The Electric Car Guide - G-Wiz
Author:Michael Boxwell
Publisher:Greenstream Publishing - 2010-10


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