The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy

The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy

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The book explores whether fiscal policies can secure full employment without inflation, one of the key questions in economics after Keynes. Part 1, General Theory of Public Finance and Fiscal Policy, discusses Ends and Means in economic policy. The results of this ends-means analysis are applied to fiscal policy. Part 2, Microeconomics, deals with the impact of fiscal measures on the behaviour of the individual household, firm and other organization, concentrating on the effects on consumption and saving. Part 3, Macroeconomics, considers how the problem of keeping the price-level constant and the labour market in equilibrium at full employment may be solved by means of fiscal and monetary measures. Problems connected with the volume of investments and the balance of payments are considered simultaneously.CIVIL SERVICE SALARIES, DIRECT SUBSIDIES, ETC. A number of quantitatively important fiscal policy parameters may be immediately brought into the analysis of the previous chapter on the effects of income tax and consumption tax.

Title:The Economic Theory of Fiscal Policy
Author:Bent Hansen
Publisher:Routledge - 2014-04-04


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