The Ecology and Silviculture of Mixed-Species Forests

The Ecology and Silviculture of Mixed-Species Forests

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Much of the world's forested land is dominated by mixed-species stands. Understanding the complex structure and dynamics of these mixtures is a necessary step in the process of formulating appropriate silvicultural systems for their management. David M. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Silviculture at Yale University, has devoted much of his career to the study of the structure, development, and silvicultural treatment of these kinds of stands. This volume is presented by Professor Smith's collegues to honor the contributions he has made to the field. It contains both reviews of past work and results of current studies of mixed stands: topics range from analysis of forest dynamics in unmanaged stands to studies of silvicultural systems applied to mixtures, with examples drawn from boreal, temperate, and tropical regions. Much of the work stresses the importance of understanding the characteristic growth patterns of individual species within mixed stands, and how species interactions shape developmental patterns.Guide to Quality Contol. ... Simulation of within-tree and between-tree shading of direct radiation in aforest canopy: Effect of crown shape and sun ... Honduras pine spacing trial results in Puerto Rico. Southern Journal of Applied Forestry 9: 69-75. Lopez-Portilla, J., M.R. Keyes, A. Gonzalez, E. Cabrera C., and O. Sanchez.

Title:The Ecology and Silviculture of Mixed-Species Forests
Author:M.J. Kelty, Bruce C. Larson, Chadwick D. Oliver
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-03-09


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