The Echo Effect: They Will Come Back on You

The Echo Effect: They Will Come Back on You

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When a man speaks words against or in favor of another man whether he knows it or not he is speaking those very same words against or in favor of himself. The Bible tells us to do unto others the things that we would want done unto us or in our behalf. Well, that is the very same principle that God set down with words. What we say to others should be what we would want said to us. And whether we want them to or not they will come to pass in our lives. There is a law of nature that says that when you plant a seed you will, in time, reap a harvest. Just so, when you speak a word, since your word is a seed, you will reap a harvest. Given the right amount of time you will reap what you sow. Jesus said that if you had faith and you wanted that faith to grow plant it and it will grow. Jesus gave you seeds for whatever you need, they are called words. But you decide; are your words going to be good or bad? Either way they will grow and you will reap what you sow.Many years ago I had prayed for a 1985 Toyota Supra with all the specifications that I wanted. This was in 1988 so the car was a ... But the Supra never came in, the manager said that the owner decided to keep it. The manager probably would anbsp;...

Title:The Echo Effect: They Will Come Back on You
Author:Winner Torborg
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-02-16


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