The East Asian Computer Chip War

The East Asian Computer Chip War

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The semiconductor industry is a vital industry for military establishments worldwide, and the control of, or loss of control of, this key industry has enormous strategic implications. This book focuses on the globalization of the strategic semiconductor industry and the security ramifications of this process. It examines in particular the migration of the Taiwanese chip industry to China as part of the globalization of production processes, and the extent to which such a globalization process poses security challenges to the United States, China and Taiwan. Transcending disciplinary boundaries between international political economy, security studies, and the history of science and technology, this multidisciplinary work provides an in-depth understanding of the globalization-security nexus, and disentangles the key policy issues connected to a potential explosive flashpoint in world politics today.(2005) Annual Report to Congress: Military Power of the Peoplea#39;s Republic of China 2005, Washington, DC: Department of Defense, available at: http://www. (accessed29December 2005). ... Influenceof MinistryofDefence FundingonSemiconductorResearchandDevelopmentintheUnitedKingdom, IĀ„Research Policy, 12(2): 113Ay20. Digitimes(2007)anbsp;...

Title:The East Asian Computer Chip War
Author:Ming-chin Monique Chu
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-12-04


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