The Duchess of Skid Row

The Duchess of Skid Row

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When Special Investigator Jeff McKeon was called hurriedly back to the Puget City DAa€™s office, it marked the end of a beautiful vacation and the abrupt beginning of an ugly frame. For while Jeffa€™s back had been turned, his political enemies had been busy laying plans to give him a permanent vacationa€”in jail. This time they had the DA on their side, for the evidence seemed quite foolproof. Jeff, they convincingly demonstrated, was the new front-man for the Syndicatea€™s big push into town. And when Jeff realized he had to tackle the Syndicate itself to disprove that, he knew that his fate now lay in the fickle hands of THE DUCHESS OF SKID ROWa€”a gal who had every reason to want him dead.a€œI have a pretty good idea where the wire service set-up is located.a€ a€œYou should, if ... Johnny Itsuko came across diagrams of them when he found those older remodeling permits. ... What else would he have told me? ... I swiveled in the seat .

Title:The Duchess of Skid Row
Author:Louis Trimble
Publisher:Prologue Books - 2012-04-15


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