The Distant Glow

The Distant Glow

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As an autobiography, The Distant Glow traces the story of my life to the rough and rigorous way of life in Corella, Bohol my birthplace. Descending from generations of very poor and illiterate ancestors, I exceeded my parentsa€™ grade three education by finishing grade six and graduating as elementary school valedictorian. Because my parents could not afford to send me to high school in the city, I stayed out of school for six years, helping my father on the farm and my mother in household chores. One of several backbreaking works I used to do was climbing several coconut trees, about 50 feet in height, to tap the trees (sanggutan) for a€œtubaa€, a coconut juice that yields mildly alcoholic drink. I used to climb 20 coconut trees every morning, noon and evening, mount over top, sit on one of the palms and tap the juice. One evening after sunset, while atop the sanggutan, I saw a glow, a distant glow. I muttered to myself: a€œSomeday, Ia€™ll find out what causes that glow.a€ I equated that statement to my goals in life. I did find out what caused the distant glow. Other distant glows appeared and I reached most of them with hard work and having a dream. When the owners of a private school offered me an opportunity to go to their school free of tuition, provided that I maintained the first place standing in the class honor roll, I went to high school, starting at age 20. To help shoulder the other costs of going to high school in the city, I paid my room and board with service: scrubbing and polishing the floor, fetching water from an artesian well and gathering firewood every weekend for the landlord family. With all the hardship, I maintained the tuition-free deal and graduated from high school as class valedictorian.were driving the Ford Explorer. ... the driven mileage of my company Blazer reached the prescribed limit for a vehicle change and this time I got a red Ford Explorer, 4-door and 4-wheel drive. I purchased the Blazer from GP for our family use.

Title:The Distant Glow
Author:Terry I. Sarigumba
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-14


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