The Discipline of Organizing: Core Concepts Edition

The Discipline of Organizing: Core Concepts Edition

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Note about this ebook: This ebook exploits many advanced capabilities with images, hypertext, and interactivity and is optimized for EPUB3-compliant book readers, especially Apple's iBooks and browser plugins. These features may not work on all ebook readers. We organize things. We organize information, information about things, and information about information. Organizing is a fundamental issue in many professional fields, but these fields have only limited agreement in how they approach problems of organizing and in what they seek as their solutions. The Discipline of Organizing synthesizes insights from library science, information science, computer science, cognitive science, systems analysis, business, and other disciplines to create an Organizing System for understanding organizing. This framework is robust and forward-looking, enabling effective sharing of insights and design patterns between disciplines that werena€™t possible before. Ideal as a textbook for undergraduates, the Core Concepts Edition includes new and revised content about the active resources of the a€œInternet of Things, a€ and how the field of Information Architecture can be viewed as a subset of the discipline of organizing. Youa€™ll find: Stop and Think exercises designed to increase engagement and comprehension User-contributed case studies to help you with your own organizing problems Nearly 60 new pictures and illustrations Links to cross-references and external citations Interactive study guides to test on key pointsThe Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC)isthe worlda#39;s most widely used bibliographic system, appliedto booksin over ... in the DDCa#39;s classification of religion seems almost startling today, where it persists in the 23rd revision (see Figure 7.2, anbsp;...

Title:The Discipline of Organizing: Core Concepts Edition
Author:Robert J. Glushko
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2014-08-25


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