The Dimensioneers

The Dimensioneers

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The orphan had always known she wasn't what people described as 'normal'. Whether merely precocious or a mutant freak, she had always been able to link minds with an equally weird mutated lion and skip into the worlds of the fourth dimension. What the heck, it sure beat staying in school on Earth - that is until she realized that some of her fellow dimension-hoppers from other planets had more in mind than just a romp in the swamp. They were launching an inter-dimensional war of imperialism, and she alone held the secret which could save her home world - if she could only escape the truant officer long enough to pull it off!My hob groomed herself while I groaned and griped about how life these days was mostly work. ... We looked for Zee in the eddies and whirlpools in D and at last found him floating along a small tributary. ... No use walking into the soup.

Title:The Dimensioneers
Author:Doris Piserchia
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-12-14


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