The Diet Docs'® Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

The Diet Docs'® Guide to Permanent Weight Loss

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Diet books have become a genre unto themselves as people anxious to shed those extra pounds seek that one perfect plan. Oh sure, they've found such a plan fact, several times before, as they shed unwanted weight....only to gain it back within a few months. It's frustrating following a diet only to end up failing in the end--losing that same twenty pounds over and over again. But now Drs. Scott Uloth and Joe Klemczewski put an end to yo-yo dieting by giving their readers what they need most: control! The Diet Docs' plan brings complex metabolic physiology within the grasp of the average reader. A plan... With over ten years of clinical success Field tested on everyone from housewives to professional athletes That's qattainable and sustainableq Easily implemented with no complicated formula to decrypt Combining the latest scientific information and how to apply it That encourages the reader to become their own nutritionist The last diet book anyone will need....written by a family physician and a professional bodybuilder and nutritionist to the world's top bodybuilders and women's figure competitors.They also determine whether you gain, lose, or maintain weight. The macronutrients are protein, ... but thata#39;s a 20 percent difference! Even what you think would be an obvious serving size may actually be two servings or even two and a half.

Title:The Diet Docs'® Guide to Permanent Weight Loss
Author:Joe Klemczewski, J. Scott Uloth
Publisher:Harvest House Publishers - 2008-12-01


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