The Diary of an Unwilling Virgin

The Diary of an Unwilling Virgin

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Welcome to the world of football-mad Troy Brown, a typical fifteen-year-old, with a loving family, a tight-knit group of friends, and a nice house in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Materially, he has a comfortable life - but then no hormone-ridden, angst-filled teenager would ever describe their life as comfortable, and Troy was no exception, plagued as he was by a€˜the whole world is against mea€™ complex, a€˜no girlfrienda€™ syndrome, the pains of unrequited love (or lust) and the usual hoard of teenage frustrations and obsessions. A privileged peek into his very private a€˜warts and alla€™ 2003 diary reveals the transformation of his boring, ordinary life, as Troy tries to negotiate the many twists and turns in what was to become the most extraordinary year of his life, fraught with family secrets, misunderstandings, dangerous liaisons, challenging adventures, shocking realities and unexpected outcomes, interspersed with teenage insights into the state of the world, including war, crime, death and disease. As you travel with Troy on his one-year life-changing journey, you will undoubtedly laugh at the adolescent humour, cry at his misfortunes, sympathise with his plights and empathise with his feelings as he works through his personal traumas and is forced to learn by his mistakes. Be warned, however: those of a sensitive disposition may also be shocked by some of the diarya€™s content, possibly offended, but you are, after all, delving into the grimy mind of a pubescent youth!3 January 2003, Friday When I got up this morning Dad had left my pocket money in the usual placeplus a bonus of ten pounds. ... He has asimilar badhair problem to me, so he sticks to a gradeone all over. Hecalls it alow ... We went to the Volkswagen garage and testdrove this excellent, brand new Polo GTi. Dad andIanbsp;...

Title:The Diary of an Unwilling Virgin
Author:Adam Pearson
Publisher:Andrews UK Limited - 2011-10-24


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