The Diabetes in Pregnancy Dilemma

The Diabetes in Pregnancy Dilemma

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Diabetes mellitus is approaching epidemic proportions worldwide, and the effects and treatment of diabetes in pregnancy are not well enough understood by many doctors who see pregnant women in their practices. The goal of this book is to provide much-needed information to clinicians about pregestational and gestational diabetes in pregnancy and help them develop the tools and skills to improve the outcome of these pregnancies. This is the second edition of a highly regarded book on diabetes in pregnancy, strongly recommended in JAMA to anyone involved in the care of pregnant women with diabetes mellitus. The second edition will be organized similarly to the first edition, but all of the chapters have been updated with new information and references. The book emphasizes diagnosis and treatment, making it particularly valuable to clinicians. An evidence-based approach supplements the standard expert-opinion approach wherever clinical trials have provided sufficient evidence, and strong evidence is given for close nutritional management. Like the first edition, the book is organized into two major sections: I. The Scientific Rationale for Global Issues Affecting Diabetes in Pregnancy and II. The Scientific Rationale for the Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy.The first step involves diet and lifestyle modification to include exercise to achieve weight loss. ... one in which he/she is expected to live and thrive.166, 167 Therefore, it is more efficacious to reserve a weight reduction diet for the pre- and postpartum periods. ... The most commonly used therapy is to calculate insulin dose based on 1 unit/kg of body weight and thereafter to increase the dose as needed.

Title:The Diabetes in Pregnancy Dilemma
Author:Oded Langer
Publisher:PMPH-USA - 2015-04-01


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