The Devil's Opus

The Devil's Opus

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There are wicked people in this world. Their deeds defy psychiatric explanations, and the extent of their evil has no cure. They create the game to win it, and when they lose, there are grievous consequences. Leo Buckman is a sociopath, a black hole sucking the light out of anyone that comes close to him. Left vulnerable by the sudden death of her husband, Katie Mezzo falls prey to Buckman's grift, eventually becoming his codependent and willing victim. After Katie's brutal murder, the prestigious and socially prominent Mezzo family is left spinning with questions, spiritual devastation, and a lust for revenge.The wooden stairs and balcony, also in dire need of repair, looked rickety and perilous. Nothing but asphalt ... Arturo noticed Leoa#39;s weathered blue-and-white a#39; 98 Ford F-250 parked in the slot under the balcony below Shelley Winstona#39;s apartment. Shelleya#39;s green a#39;97 Chevy Nova was parked beside it. He noticed a dentanbsp;...

Title:The Devil's Opus
Author:Margaux Mannion Brown
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-01


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